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Our dry red wines

Red wine

Made in the style of the great Beaujolais wines, this perky young wine is also made from the juice of the Gamay grape. If you're looking to begin enjoying reds, this is the perfect "red wine on training wheels." Very light body, minimum tannins, bright fruit nose, and a beautiful garnet color.
Gold Medal Winner, 2004.
Silver Medal Winner, 2019.

Patterned after the great Burgundy wines, our version of Pinot Noir offers a soft, light, fruity, easy-drinking taste, emphasizing fresh berry flavors.
Bronze Medal Winner, 2018

Bull Head Red
The grapes for this wonderful Malbec hail from Argentina. Enjoy a soft, rich textured wine with the taste of ripe plums, cherries, currants, and red berries. The nose offers just a hint of vanilla. Food pairings are beef and lamb.
Bronze Medal Winner, 2017, 2016

Elk Knob Red
Consider making an investment of this young Barolo-styled wine made from Nebbiolo. It will peak in 2021 or 2022. Barolos normally sell in stores for over $35, so ours is a bargain! Do you have the patience it takes for this wine to mature?

Feather Bed Red
A full-bodied intense red with cherry - currant flavor, this Sonoma-grown Cabernet Sauvignon benefits from aging with oak. Wonderfully matched with Filet Mignon or other fine cut of beef.

Italian Stud
Specially formulated by your wine master, this strong Super Tuscan-styled red is often confused with liquid Viagra™. Thistle Meadow Winery assumes no responsibility for sudden passionate desires. You simply must read the testimonial letters to get the full picture of this hearty red. Faint hearts beware! Limited quantity available. Consistent Gold medal winner.
Gold Medal Winner, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013.
Silver Medal Winner, 2015, 2019


North Fork Red
Another wine made from Australian grapes, this blend of 70% Cabernet and 30% Shiraz offers a rich, deep red color and a full taste, nicely rounded with oak.
Available ONLY at Ashe County Cheese in West Jefferson. Limited stock on hand.

South Fork Red
Soft, full flavor laced with oak to enhance fruitiness. Compare this wine with your "store bought" harsh Merlots!

Turkey Knob Red
Luscious, rich and velvety wine made in the Chianti style from Sangiovese grapes of sunny Italy, this red gets its name from a colorful Alleghany hilltop near Piney Creek.