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Awards and medals

our award and medal-winning winesThistle Meadow Winery competes annually in the Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Competition, a commercial wine competion hosted each year by the Dixie Classic Fair, which is comprised of a 6-state region:

  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Georgia
  • West Virginia

We generally enter only 5 or 6 wines each year, but our track record of winning medals is very good! Here is a list of our most recent medals:

GOLD - South Fork Red
SILVER - Feather Bed Red, Bluebird Song
BRONZE - Elk Knob Red, Feather Bed White, and Turkey Knob White

SILVER - Scottville White, Bull Head Red, Topia Red, Whitehead Red, and Double Black
BRONZE - Devil's Garden White, Italian Stud, Lucy Lou, and Gap Civil White

DOUBLE GOLD - Horse Stomp Red, Stone Mountain Red
GOLD - Elk Knob White
SILVER - Bergamais
BRONZE - Devil's Garden White, Italian Stud, Feather Bed White

2020 No wine competition due to COVID-19

SILVER - Italian Stud, Bergamais, Lucky Black
BRONZE - Horse Stomp Red, Peden White

GOLD - Italian Stud
SILVER - Lucky Black
BRONZE - Bourgeron, Horse Stomp Red, Peden White

GOLD - Italian Stud, Thistle White, and Peden White
SILVER - Roaring Gap White, Horse Stomp Red
BRONZE - Bull Head Red, Nile Red, and Air Bellows White

GOLD - Italian Stud, Vox, Whitehead Red, and Pull Tail White
BRONZE - Bull Head Red, North Fork Red, Elk Knob Red

SILVER - Devil's Garden White, Italian Stud, Bergamais, Chickadee White, Peden White
BRONZE - Nile Red

GOLD - New River White, Bald Head Red, Italian Stud, South Fork Red
SILVER - Roaring Gap White
BRONZE - Bluebird Song

GOLD - Italian Stud, Vieux Chateau du Roi
SILVER - Bourgeron, Feather Bed White, Thistle Red
BRONZE - Air Bellows White